World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks

Genre: Zombie Apocalyptic Horror Fiction

What a read. Seriously. Even if you’re not into zombies (I mean, who is, really?) this book truly turns a genre that a lot of people find outdated, boring and overdone into a proper good story.

I’ve been told that it’s nothing like the film of its namesake. I’ve not seen the film so I can’t give an honest review myself. This book, though. Here’s the tea…

You’ve got an interviewer travelling the world to speak with people who were integral (and not so integral) to the ultimate survival of the human race after a zombie apocalypse threatened to wipe out civilisation as we know it. Yep. You get to hear firsthand the tales of regular citizens turned heroes, grizzled army vets, speculative scientists and brave frontline medical workers who you KNOW have seen, heard and done some shit.

The interviews take place just a few short years into the aftermath of what could very well have been humanity’s extinction event. From New Mexico to Finland, Palestine to Australia the stories, the sadness, the bravery and the overall horror of what has come to be known as World War Z (The Zombie War) is laid bare through simple conversation between the interviewer and his various interviewees.

Of course, this is all fiction and not relevant at all to any pandemic we may or may not be experiencing right now. Somehow though, you can’t help but think ‘what if’…

Oh, and one more plus for me when I go back to reading this book is I get to look at the face of a suuuuper cute pup with every re-read. I’m on my second edition. Reason being, I lent my first copy to a friend and his pup didn’t connect with the storyline so, naturally, it was torn asunder. Worth it though…

world war z max brooks
Who could stay mad at this face?

So, there you have it. I didn’t go into too much detail because I didn’t want to ruin this masterpiece for anyone by telling too much of the many stories held within. Even if you’re not a fan of horror, zombies or apocalyptic fiction, this book is such an interesting read. I highly recommend checking it out!

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