7 Wonders The Game

7 wonders the game review

Board Game

Repos Production

Age Range: 10+ | Number of Players: 3-7 | Game Time: 30 minutes

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough partner with the amazing team at Good Games Miranda to bring you all a few board game reviews. This time around they bestowed upon me 7 Wonders the board game. The minimum number of players is three and as much as we’d love to get our cats, Aang and Korra involved in the gameplay, they just don’t have the thumbs to hold up a hand of cards. So, we turned to Adam’s family and boy, did we have some fun! 10% DISCOUNT CODE INCLUDED…

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Greed Dice Game

Dice Game

Creator: Wood Expressions Inc

Age Range: 8+ | Number of Players: 2+ | Game Time: 30-45mins

The first time Adam and I played Greed, we played for 2 hours straight. It’s addictive…even if you’re not a greedster at heart!

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