Best Plants For Busy Lifestyles

Now, I’m no plant expert, but I have managed to keep a range of plants alive on my balcony, I assume through sheer dumb luck. It may be because I choose plants that are good for people with busy (or lazy) lifestyles. It may be because I’m a natural plant grower, who has figured out how to channel the power of Mother Earth herself. Either way, here are a few plants that I’ve managed to keep alive without really knowing what I’m doing, so they may be good for you too…

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Magical Balcony Gardens Full Of Fairy Lights

This post is a genuine 3 for 1 deal.

Balconies. Gardens. Fairy lights.

Who in their right mind doesn’t like all of these things?

What I’m going to try here with this post involves less words, more pictures.

Behold, I share with you my magical plant and fairy light covered balcony of dreams!

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