All The Best Things About Frozen The Musical

A wonderful friend of mine, Mitchell, messaged me last week and asked if I wanted to see Frozen The Musical with him the next day because his niece decided she didn’t want to go. My immediate reaction was obviously, “Is this a prank? This is a prank right?”. Sure enough, a prank it was not. So, we met at the Capitol Theatre the next day, masks in hand (then on face) and we sat through the entire glorious production of Frozen The Musical. Here’s our take away from the experience…

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7 Wonders The Game

7 wonders the game review

Board Game

Repos Production

Age Range: 10+ | Number of Players: 3-7 | Game Time: 30 minutes

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough partner with the amazing team at Good Games Miranda to bring you all a few board game reviews. This time around they bestowed upon me 7 Wonders the board game. The minimum number of players is three and as much as we’d love to get our cats, Aang and Korra involved in the gameplay, they just don’t have the thumbs to hold up a hand of cards. So, we turned to Adam’s family and boy, did we have some fun! 10% DISCOUNT CODE INCLUDED…

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Creamy Tuscan Chicken Marsala Recipe

Good news everyone! I have an actual recipe from an actual chef (Liam aka @cheflum on Instagram) for you this week. Even though I HATE mushrooms, I’m willing to share this with you all because it’s actually damn delicious (I just pick the mushies out). It’s got exact measurements and truly simple instructions to follow (a nice change from the usual recipes I post haha). If you’re looking for a deliciously simple creamy Tuscan chicken marsala recipe, this is the one for you!

Look at this shit. Delicious!
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Bunnings And Cosplay And Middle-Aged Aussie Dudes…Oh My!

Be me, doing my best emo kid impression (MCR tee, black jeans, skull earrings, blue hair, the lot) at Bunnings yesterday afternoon, faced with the unabated curiosity of a middle-aged white dude wearing a wife beater. The visit was for the sole purpose of finding materials to use to make Jester Lavorre and Fjord Stone costumes for the Oz Comic Con Pop-Up event this coming weekend.

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Best Plants For Busy Lifestyles

Now, I’m no plant expert, but I have managed to keep a range of plants alive on my balcony, I assume through sheer dumb luck. It may be because I choose plants that are good for people with busy (or lazy) lifestyles. It may be because I’m a natural plant grower, who has figured out how to channel the power of Mother Earth herself. Either way, here are a few plants that I’ve managed to keep alive without really knowing what I’m doing, so they may be good for you too…

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Wingspan The Game

Board Game

Stonemaier Games

Age Range: 10+ | Number of Players: 1-5 | Game Time: 40-70 minutes

Wingspan was gifted to me by the wonderful team at Good Games Miranda so I could write this review AND give you guys a sweet discount (check the end of this blog and my socials for details) when you purchase the game in store with them until the end of Feb. If strategy games are up your alley, read on…Wingspan might become your new go-to game!

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