Greenhouse On Flora Cafe Sutherland

Ad and I visited this cafe a little while ago now when it first opened up. We’d seen it under construction. We’d felt the anticipation of a new weekend breakfast spot every time we walked past. We couldn’t not eat there when it opened its doors. Here’s what we thought of this sweet little cafe in the heart of Sutherland…

Greenhouse on Flora Cafe Set up

So, you walk into this place and the staff are so attentive. It might just be because they’re new on the block and they want to make a good impression but literally the minute you walk in, someone’s there to get you seated and give you a menu. We did find that the wait for food was a little on the longer side, but that may just be because they were still super new and getting into the swing of things.

The best part though is that they weren’t overly attentive. They didn’t come up halfway through the meal when our mouths were full of whatever mix of brunchy goodness we’d stuffed in there in the seconds beforehand expecting us to interact. Huge points to them for that.

The place is decked out in such a cool, leafy vibe. It’s called the Greenhouse so it’d be weird if it wasn’t, but the whole ‘garden greenhouse’ aesthetic is definitely a win in my books! There are tables set up to accommodate both small and large groups and the space is pretty well set out. It’s not too cramped and easy to navigate through.

Greenhouse on Flora Cafe Sutherland Food Review

I’ll start the food review by mentioning that Ad had already finished half of his meal by the time I was able to take some pictures – you’d think that would speak for the quality of the food but to be fair, he’s actually just a garbage disposal in human form so it’s hard to tell. He did say that it was a delicious breakfast though and really appreciated the taste of the mushrooms. In true Ad fashion, he had the biggest breakfast on offer plus an iced long black. He loved the meal and said that the iced long black was super tasty and had a delicious kick to it.

While we’re on the subject of coffee, I had the coffee frappe and let me tell you now, it was LOADED with that good, good caffeine bean. It had such a strong coffee taste, which I’m normally a little iffy about, but BOY HOWDY this frappe was damn good. Strong as heck. Big coffee energy.

Now, my meal. The bacon and egg roll. This – was – delicious! The menu mentioned a measly two rashers of bacon which I was a little concerned about because two rashers of bacon is never enough. I have a feeling they may have mixed up ‘rashers’ with ‘whole pigs’ though because when it came out, the bacon on this roll was not leaking, it was o v e r f l o w i n g.

I can’t remember how many eggs were on this bad boy but they were cooked perfectly. Runny yolk, bright yellow, delicious. My plate was left holding a puddle of eggy saucy mess when I was done which Ad gladly mopped up with the remainder of his toast.

The bun holding the bacon and egg was deliciously crisp on top and soft as a baby’s butt on the lower portion. Weird metaphor to use on a food review, I know, but if the baby’s butt fits…

Moving on to the final piece of this brunch puzzle, the tomato relish. I have no idea how they made this relish or where they sourced it but lordy, I was so impressed. I can’t stress enough how much a good tomato relish can be the difference between a ‘meh’ B&E roll and a ‘holy wow this is amazing’ B&E roll. Friends, this tomato relish fucks.

Anyway, thanks for reading. If you’re in the Shire at any point, I’d definitely recommend checking out the Greenhouse Cafe Sutherland. They’re located here…

Corner of Flora St and Muston Ln

Shop 1/41-47 Eton St, Sutherland NSW 2232

Here are their socials if you’re keen to follow…



And their menus on their website:

If you’ve already visited Greenhouse on Flora, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Chat again soon 🙂

Kates x

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