Marley Spoon Meals

Meal subscription service

Now, before we get into this, full disclosure: Ad cooked all of these meals, as he does every meal we eat. He’s a fantastic cook and I am so very lucky. The one drawback is that I have to do the dishes afterwards and he makes seven hells of a mess. Oh well, it’s a price worth paying for delicious food.

Anyway, a friend of Ad’s recently received a free Marley Spoon trial and asked him if he wanted to try it out. He agreed. If you’ve never heard of Marley Spoon before, it’s a pre-prepped meal delivery service. Basically, you choose the amount of meals you want for the week, the specific meals you’d like (there’s a huge range to choose from), then they bundle up all of the ingerdients you need to cook the meals in a nice, neat little package (minus a few essentials like salt, pepper, etc.) and deliver it to your door.

So, we jumped online, made a Marley Spoon account and set up our meals for the week:

Salmon & Baked White Beans with Tuscan Herbs


Green Autumn Veggie Pasta with Walnuts & Goat Cheese


Beef Ragu With Pasta & Parmesan Gremolata


Ok, so you see the pictures, right? They look delicious. And let me tell you, they tasted just as good as they look.

It’s hard to choose a favourite but the Green Autumn Veggie Pasta was honestly to die for. The goat cheese kind of melted around the pasta creating an amazing sauce. 10/10, would Spoon again.

The best part is, we now have the recipes that were sent with the meal prep kits so we can cook these meals over and over again.

We didn’t continue our subscription at this point in time, but we will seriously consider it in future, once things get back to normal. No joke, everything is just so simple. No measuring out ingredients, no buying too much of an ingredient and having nothing to use it in before it goes out of date. Simple. Efficient. Tasty af.

Will keep you updated if we decide to get a full subscription in future.

Oh, and if you want the recipes, let me know in the comments. I’ll be happy to send them through to you 🙂


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