Why Everyone Should Play Dungeons & Dragons

As a socially awkward introvert, the very thought of partaking in any kind of role-playing activity generally has me ducking for cover. Instead, with some thorough coaxing from friends, I decided to give Dungeons & Dragons a go. I created a character who is a socially awkward introvert, therefore I am completely within my element.

It’s safe to say that I’m D&D obsessed. The narratives, the characters, the backstories, the hilarious highs and the downright soul crushing lows. The stories involved in this seemingly simple game are absolutely astoundingly awesome!

Oh, and the dice. My God, the dice. They are your power. As long as you have enough dice, people will never question your D&D playing abilities. Ok, I lied, you can never have enough dice. You can try though. My bank balance will attest to that.


For those of you who assume D&D is some children’s game that sweaty, Pringles-munching, Mountain Dew-drinking nerds all gather in a dank basement (or a somewhat well-lit living room) to play for 6 hours straight – you’re pretty spot on. In saying that, our sessions are honestly something I look forward to each and every time we (finally) agree on the next date we can all make it. The more we play, the more we get to know our characters and each others characters, which leads to some pretty hilarious, and sometimes downright emotional, adventures.

Maybe you should gather a few friends together and give it a go.

If that’s not your deal though, there are a bunch of fantastic podcasts, YouTube channels and other D&D based content that you can check out to take a small glimpse into the world of tabletop RPGs.

Here are just a few:

Critical Role

Campaign 2 – The Mighty Nein – Animated Intro

“A bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors sit around and play D&D.” I’m currently making my way through campaign 2. I skipped the first campaign on advice from a friend but will definitely check it out once I’m up to date with this one. It’s a mix of amazing characters, phenomenal role-playing and a bunch of friends who are way too talented for their own good. Plus, they are fucking hilarious. Make sure you watch the recorded sessions on YouTube, don’t just listen to the podcast. You can thank me later.


The Adventure Zone

Campaign 1 – Balance Arc – Animated Trailer

An eldest brother, a middlest brother and a sweet baby brother get together to play D&D with their daddy. They’ve completed 2 amazing campaigns so far. Start with Balance, then move on to Amnesty. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll fall in love with two amazingly intricate worlds and one amazingly talented, hilarious family. Oh, and it’s just been announced that they will starting a third campaign on 31/10/19. So, in rewording a quote from our lord and saviour, Lucretia, “Hot diggity shit, this is a baller announcement!”


Dungeons & Drgaons is a game full of fun, laughter and is a great vessel for learning valuable skills like cooperation, improvisation, compassion, problem solving, critical thinking and, of course, maths.

Let me know in the comments if you have any sweeeeet D&D stories to share.

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